why small business needs a website

Why small businesses need a website

A website is not only a group of interconnected HTML pages but today it is driving the world. From big to small companies everyone wants to be online. It’s because the more than half of the population is searching and getting products and services information online. So it’s a necessity of time that every business should have at least one website. And it’s not a big deal when it’s benefiting the business.
Here are the 21 benefits and reasons why small business needs a website: So let’s start to find out:

1. Small Businesses need a website so that they can provide business solutions worldwide:

Small businesses can help to solve the problem of their customer and common people worldwide through the website. It could be graphics designing, administrative services, legal services, consultancy services etc. The methods can be through live chat support on the website, videos tutorials, blogs, valuable sells of products and services. They can also do it by using or creating applications based on trending cloud computing models SAAS, PAAS and IAAS and they can connect it with existed or social media campaign.

2. Small Business need a website to cover bigger market size for their Products and Services:

The development or growth of small businesses and the sales and profitability of products and services mostly depends on how bigger is the market, where they are promoting and selling. Before the internet, it was tough for small businesses to identify and launch products in the potential market.

And most of the businesses were unable to capture the attention of wider and bigger markets around the country and globally with the low budget. But after the internet, it’s very easy and less costly than traditional methods of covering and launching products and services in the bigger market. But to cover and attract a bigger market size they need a website.

It means through the website they can promote, sells and deliver products and services in all kind of markets worldwide. And website also helps them after the competitive analysis of other businesses in determining the market size, statistics, opportunities in the certain area, industry. For example creation, promotion and distribution of products and services to new and existed smart cities such as cloud server, lightning system, waste management systems etc.  

3. Small Business need a website to lead with changes that are happening in their industry:

The business website helps small businesses to keep learning and changing business tactics, marketing, promotional methods that are happening in their industry. For example, if the travel industry is using CRM application for lead generation then small business owners can integrate CRM with their contact form even they can build CRM friendly websites. Small businesses can also follow and execute the successful strategies of big and leading companies in their business through the website. Such as by Google Adwords and PPC campaigns for lead generation, regular social media updates, blogging, creation and publishing of case studies on their website, implementation of best Search Engine optimisation practices for more traffic to website, writing and updating product and services description on their website so that it becomes engaging and valuable for consumers or first time visitors to buy certain products and services.

4. Small Business need a website so that they can increase the demand for the products and services:

Small businesses can use digital marketing campaigns more effectively than campaign without a website. Without a website, they can get a lead but if they have a website they can take advantages of connecting with the lead personally by getting liked the social media page and subscribing for a newsletter or future updates. In this way, they will be able to increase the demand for their services and products. Also, it’s easy for them to create demand for new products it’s because they already have existed client that can be interested in the new product. Everything can be done on and around the business website. Else use of PPC without a website or without a special landing page on the website is not effective.

5. Small business needs a website to provide more supply in the market:

The website generates data when someone visits and buys products and services on the business website. It means small business owners can identify where from they are getting more traffic, for example, big companies analyze their online store website data such as jackets demands from Shimla, refrigerators demands from Delhi. After that big companies create, update supply channels in specific locations, by creating new stores, partnering with new distributors, raising prices because demand is already there and many other things. It means the website can also help them to supply content, products, services in the specific market after the analyzation of data. And small business can do that by integrating the google analytics code in the footer of their business or online store website.

6. Small business needs a website to stay ahead of the market competition:

Data generated by business website help small business owners to identify the opportunities in the specific locations. Analyzation of sells, marketing data also help them to identify what they need to be done. For example in online course website getting higher bounce rate or lower conversion rate in a certain course such as “business development course” then it means there is a problem. It can be in the course description, it can be in the course syllabus, it can be in the reviews. And this can help them to investigate and solve the problem. And if any kind of small business able to do it, I am fully sure that they will always stay ahead of their competitors.

7. Small business needs a website to reduce the cost of business operations:

This is one of the greatest benefits of having a website for small businesses. When a small business creates a website it helps them to use the power of the internet. For example home page, services page, product page and blogging, sell support, customer, survey on the website, feedback & reviews, social media marketing, traffic from search engine, subscription widgets, social media widgets, comments forum, FAQ page etc. help them to reduce the cost of marketing, management, product delivery and customer satisfaction.

And in today’s time these are the most important things to grow business, but if they do it by using traditional methods of marketing and customer relationship management then it is more costly then having a website for their business. For example, instead of doing offline marketing they can set up marketing campaigns using PPC and at the same time generate leads or sells products and services on their website. Another example, instead of a one-time advertisement in events they can do blogging on their website to get traffic and potential buyers from search engines.

8. A website can increase the scalability of business:

When the small business builds their online presence through a website, social media, SEO/SEM and starts generating leads from many locations and countries it will help them to scale up their business. They get more sells than before. That helps them to generate more revenue and cash flow in the business. This growth and increase in cash in hand help them to create, test, manage the expanded workload and they will be able to manage larger operational demands.

9. Small business needs a website to replace time-consuming activities with productivity:

Marketing sells, meetings, weather changes etc. consume the time of small business owners. Instead of meeting daily or weekly small business owners or manager can create a special meeting page on the website in which the topic or agenda of the meeting is explained and team members can provide feedback anytime they can within 12 hours. It helps small business manager or owners to only engage with those people who are interested, supported the topic. Conversion of marketing to sells takes more time, sometime a year to mature the lead. It’s because sells support are always answering the customer questions more than promotion. It’s not wrong, but if small businesses can use AI chat support, personalized email, blogs, and FAQ pages to answer then it will be automatic to convert the visitor into paying customers and definitely it is less costly and time-consuming.

And if they implemented the best business growth strategies on their website then they will be able to scale up their small business. And this can make a small business into a billion dollar large company. For example, Amazon.Inc once only a bookstore, Google Inc, once a local search engine, Facebook is just a website for students etc. if such companies can use the power of internet and website, why don’t small business can’t do it.

10. Small businesses need a website to hire and attract top talents to their team:

It’s tough to find and attract highly skilled workforce nowadays. And due to that small business owners are unable to compete in the industry. And if they use hiring agencies then it cost them more money and time. But instead of doing it or along with this, they can create a CAREER page.

In career page on their website, they can publish job description. They can do it based on their requirement for next project and position. There are million people search for jobs on the internet, and if someone needs a job or have the skills you’re looking then they will visit the career page on the website. They will read the requirement and then they will send the resume.  And this career page in your business website helps you to find the talented people, their resume, and details. You can filter this details. It means a website can also help small businesses in hiring team members in zero cost.

11. Small businesses need a website to test a product in less initial investment:-

A website can help small businesses to test the product and services before going with both feet into the competitive or less matured market. They can do it on the main business website or they can also create another website for comparative and performance analysis. In this way, the website will help small businesses to invest the money wisely, improve the product or services quality and risk management.

Small never born to remain small. Every small deserve Big. But remember, having a website for business is not a big thing. but having a website that grows the business is the biggest thing. thousands of small business have websites, but not all are able to grow as they expected or over promised by web design agencies. The growth and development of small businesses also depend on the creativity of small business owners and the skills of their digital marketing agency.

12. Small business needs a website to increase brand awareness:

A business website helps small business owners to create the unique brand image for a business, products, services in the consumer mind. Small business can use it in their website by creating a responsive, user-friendly website, they can design every part of the website that helps them in branding. Such as small businesses can publish and highlight the brand story, vision statement, attractive website (sliders) banners, blog page, products images, videos and unique selling points etc. that make them different and unique then rest of the competitors.  

13. Small business needs a website to identify customers taste and behaviors:

As I told in above points that a business website generate valuable information about the consumers. The more small business owners know about their customers the better and effectively they will able to sell more.  It means using google analytics code, heat maps, survey plugins in the website helps them to identify what is the thing in which people are interested in the most.

For example, what they read on the product page, how much time they have spent on the about us page, how they ordering, how many leads failed due to technical problems and where they click and what is annoying them.

Learning about such things helps to identify customers taste and behaviors on certain product and services. And this can be possible after analysis of website data. And for that data, small business owners need a business website and targeted organic search engine traffic, traffic from social media websites direct traffic to their website from offline marketing and URL display.

14. Small business needs a website for Financial sustainability:

If someone is just starting and running a business and only getting 50-100 sells per day or monthly 1 booking for services per day or 10 booking per month using various other digital marketing methods of marketing and promotion then they can be happy for six months to 1 year. But after 1 year the cost can be increased, the market can be down, lack of staff and can face many seasonal challenges such as snowfall, summer, winters etc. and it can be tough in that time to keep making the profit and growing business. And it’s also possible that they lack cash for the marketing and promotion activities. So what is the best solution? The best solution for small business owners when they start any type of offline business that they should create a website and promote the services and products on the website. So they can get clients from the internet.

Also, they can promote the website in various creative ways such as adding website address in packaging. It means if they are creating a business website in 10,000 to 25000 and getting 10-20 sells per month for a year without doing anything and also getting other benefits as explained in this guide then it’s very beneficial.

Honestly speaking website and internet have more powerful features for small business owners if they get a good web design agency and creative business leader and they will double or triple the sells per month.

15. Small business needs a website to reduce or remove the fear of failure:

When I talk to many small business owners they often say that we don’t have such type of products and services, many say that our target market is not happy to buy online and but most importantly small business owners fear of failure, they fear that if they invested 20000 to 30000 or 50000 or 100000 for year, and get nothing after that then it is total loss. And they are right. It’s happening with many small business owners. Due to the loss, they are unable to compete and attract new target markets and consumers.

They fear to compete with big brands. But then again, it depends on their web design agency and business web presence mentor. How they are guided. Are they guided by web design agency for own profits or they are doing everything on their own?

But whatever it is, small business owners have to help to execute the plan created by web design agency or by their own. If they both parties (clients and web design agency) work like a team then it does not only reduce the fear of failure from small business owners but also able to grow his/her business to new heights. And I agree that small businesses are the backbone of any country. And we need to help them to grow.

16. The website helps small businesses to get and display feedback and reviews:

A website provides an option for customers to leave feedback about their experience with the business. Where Reviews and feedback inspire small business owners to keep producing top quality product and services, while bad reviews, feedback, and comments help them to learn to improve the qualities in process and systems.

17. Small businesses can target any type of consumer in any location:

The website can help small business owners to create landing pages based on demographics, interests. It means when they use SEO and Social Media Marketing they can create special posts and landing pages to get more targeted traffic from search engine and social networking website to right products.  

18. Small business can build the long-term relationship with clients and customers:

A blog on the website helps small business owners to keep connected with the customers. It mean each time when small business owners publish the post related to their products and services, it will help existed and new customers to identify the solutions available for their daily life problems. And if they are the satisfied existed customers then they will definitely believe in newly launched products. And they will be more interested to buy from them instead of their competitors.

19. The website can sell  24*7 and 365 Days

People around the world using the internet in their daily life. They are using it 24/7. It means everyone searching, buying, selling, learning, sharing of goods and services in different time zones. It means small business owners can sell all the time and they can automate complete marketing and deliver process through the website. Such as e-commerce website and use of payment gateway and auto-sharing and random sharing of marketing content etc. added features in the website will able them to sell 24*7 and 365 Days.

20. The website helps small businesses to increase the speed of cash flow in:

E-commerce websites and marketplaces enable small business owners to speed up transactions process. When a customer purchased and book goods and services online after payment then it will increase the speed of cash flow in for small business owners. Cash in hand in small business is like a Gold that they can use to pay for distributors and wholesalers to speech the customer experience as well.


21. Small Businesses Need a Website to Build Customer Database:-

When Small Businesses use Website to sell and market Products and Services online. They create and get Customers Details such as Email ID, Name, Location, Phone Number etc. later that helps in cross-selling and cold calls. It when someone buys goods and services offline, small business owners do not collect that many details of users. There can be many reasons such as labor, time and cost of data management. But if the same things small business apply on their website, the whole process is automatic. Such as customer enter personal details such as emails, phone numbers and then they purchase interesting products. Now customer get purchased details, bills and delivery time etc. and businesses get his/her details and interest.

Now after few days, businesses marketing team call those people to purchased product update and related products, they also use customer emails ID to send promotional and product updates etc.

Now businesses get the data of the customer, their interest, location details etc. and any smart small business owners can use this data for the benefit and profit of company and customers. So that’s why the website is important for small business owners. It’s because it creates, manage customer data and helps to sell more products and services.

Small businesses can use the website to educate, entertain and inform the consumer about the products and services through the blog, they can provide great customer experience on live chat, they can use it to manage other branches and also training and development of employees.

Growth in entrepreneurship and small businesses in any country and location help to improve to economic conditions. Economic development leads us to social development, social development leads us to environmental development. And environmental development helps us to increase the standard of living on earth.

If you’re a small business owner then I hope that now you got the basic ideas about the importance of having a website for your small business. If you execute your knowledge and take actions on your institution, you can really stand out from the competition and you will be able to grow your business exponentially within a few months. 

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